November 24th, 2004


Impossible Things...

Ah, suspension of disbelief, where would I be without you? The ability to completely ignore the fact that an underlying assumption or plot point is absolutely preposterous is so often key to the enjoyment of a work. Things such as Farscape's "science".

It's been about three weeks since I last mentioned what I've been reading, an in that time I've actually finished three novels. Go me!

The first was Angelmass by Timothy Zahn, who is probably best known for writing Star Wars novels, none of which I've ever read. I have read a few of his originals, and liked them a lot. Angelmass turns out to be no exception to this. Collapse )

I was a big fan of the Tom Swift, Jr., series of books as a kid. Tom was a teenaged genius, and he was always inventing fantastically neat things like flying labs, and jetmarines, and atomic robots. One of my favorite gadgets was the repelatron, which, well, repelled stuff. In one book, Tom and his friend clamped a bunch of repelatrons to a pressurized box, pointed them all straight down, and used the contraption to fly to the moon. Something very similar happens in John Varley's Red Thunder, a Tom Swift book for grown-ups. Collapse )

The third book is a ghost story, The Famous Flower of Serving Men by debg, the second in Deb's series of supernatural mysteries based upon old folk songs. Collapse )

And a final thought for the day - "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."
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