December 27th, 2004


Winter Wonderland

It is very pretty outside my office. There is fluffy white snow on the ground, and the sun is shining. It just all so sparkly. Mind, I wasn't thinking the snow was so great last night as I was driving through the storm.

The holiday is over, and I managed to enjoy most of it, which was definitely a question going in. Turns out it's very hard to be glum when you get to hold a cutie patootie niece. Collapse )

I got an assortment of loot in addition to the electic leg o'sex, including a teensy FlatFoto digital camera. It's not a great camera (maximum res is one megapixel, the lens is tiny, and there's no way to view the photos until you download them), but it's only 3/8" thick and the length and width of a credit card, so it's very handy to carry. The picture of the niece above was taken with it, as was this picture of one of the places my brothers and I used to play.

Yesterday I went down to see Alex. We got a few light flurries mid-afternoon, so we did an early dinner so I could get on the road before the real heavy stuff started coming down. Collapse )

Today I am at work, but after 5:00, I am off for the rest of the year. Woo!