January 2nd, 2005


Long Live the Legion

So, the new reboot of the Legion of Super Heroes is out. ocvictor liked it quite a bit. I am reserving judgement. My main problem is not so much with the issue itself, but more with the fact that my favorite book has been completely reset AGAIN. This makes the fifth time the group has been reinvented (not to mention the fact that it's the third completely different continuity).

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The first issue finds the Legion already established with lots of the members already being old hands. The premise of the new universe seems thin. Life in the thirty-first century is too quiet, so the Legion was formed as an act of youthful rebellion to shake things up, and are now sort of like rock star role models to an entire generation. If you say so. There are hints in the first issue that adults are manipulating the Legion for their own purposes, and clearly somebody had to pay for the massive headquarters building they live in. RJ Brande, maybe? Anyway, the headquarters is hardly what would be called low profile, which is what rebel groups usually try for.

The writing, at least the dialogue, is witty, and far better than than in the old series. The character names are back to the fifties style of "adjective gender..." i.e., Lightning Lad, "...when gender applies," i.e., Chameleon. The costumes are a mixed bag, as detailed below.

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