January 24th, 2005



Had to go to work today, despite the governor "requesting" that all private businesses in the state close for the day. Actually, it wasn't that much of a hardship, since the roads were all clear down where we are. In fact, the good guys who drive the plows came back though my neighborhood last night for another pass, after I had dug out the end of my driveway, and plowed me back in again. So there was shoveling to do this morning.

We had a quality system audit scheduled for today, but the auditor wasn't able to fly into PVD last night because of the storm, so I had some time to kill this morning while waiting for him to arrive. Collapse )

While I was doing all this, I had the Office 97 CD in the CD burner on my XP machine. Collapse )

I spent yesterday finishing off the last half of one of the books I've been working on, The Shadow of Saganami, David Weber's latest novel set in the Honorverse. Harrington isn't actually in the book, except for occasional references from other characters. That's actually a good thing. Besides the fact that Harrington's such an incredible Mary Sue, Weber is realizing what Roddenberry and company learned a long time ago. Captains are interesting. Admirals aren't. This one follows the crew of a single cruiser on patrol, and was way more fun than the last Harrington centric book.