February 15th, 2005


Somewhere in Florida...

...major leaguers are playing catch. This pleases me.

A few years ago, my late aunt gave me an indoor electric grill as a Christmas present. It sat in its box unused up in the attic ever since, just one more big, bulky appliance that would otherwise take up far too much of what little counter space I have in my kitchen. Until this weekend, that is. I finally decided to at least try the thing out, so I hauled the enormous QVC box down from the attic. Inside, amidst a sea of foam peanuts, I found the grill (which is about the size of two electric skillets side-by-side), the instructions, and a piece cut out of the grill's original carton with the proof of purchase info on it (WTF?). I wondered why the grill wasn't in it's original packaging, but it seemed to be unused and in good shape, so I didn't worry too much. I figured perhaps my aunt had bought it for herself, thrown away the box, and then decided that I might get more use out if it, or something like that. I loved my aunt dearly, but she was notorious for making impulse buys from QVC and HSN, and sometimes her choice of presents could be a tad, er, endearing.

Anyway, after I'd pulled all this stuff out of the box, I decided to sift through the peanuts a bit with my hands, just in case I'd missed anything else. Sure enough, I felt a smallish glass jar. My first thought was "Barbecue sauce, how nice." Then I pulled it out. Baby food. Gerbers ham (with ham gravy), to be exact.

I, of course, have several theories on how a jar of baby food managed to find its way into my Christmas present, but I'll spare y'all. The grill itself works fine, and is easy to clean (dishwasher safe!). It just takes up too much space.