February 21st, 2005


Weekend at Boskone

It's snowing like crazy outside this morning. There was already about four inches on the ground when I left for work, and still more has fallen since. Bother.

The sudden return of winter over the weekend kind of took me by surprise (even though I should know better). It was warmish most of last week, and it was bright and sunny Saturday morning when I set off for Boskone wearing a light jacket, only to discover that it was only about 15°F outside. This turned out to be a bigger issue than I expected when I just missed the train at the Quincy Adams T station (due to the world's slowest parking garage elevator), and had to huddle for twenty minutes at the top of the stairwell leading up to the windy platform while waiting for the next train. I also just managed to miss my connection to the Green Line due to my unfamiliarity with the way things are done at Park Street Station, so I wound up missing most of the day's first session.

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In the time it's taken me to type all this stuff in it's now mid-afternoon, and the snow has turned to rain, so the roads are now full of slush. Oh... Joy...