March 7th, 2005


It's Springtime in Florida...

There was a bird chirping outside my window this morning. I'm not sure if it was cheery chirping, or chirping laced with birdie obscenities regarding the fact that the weather is very un-Marchlike. It's in the forties today, but the 10 day forecast puts the temperatures in the mid-thirties until St. Patrick's day at least.

LA lost again yesterday. Hanrahan took the loss, giving up another 3 runs. His spring ERA is 9.00. The good news is that Scott Erickson continued to do well, throwing three no-hit innings. This is potentially a very fortunate thing. The Dodgers' #1 starter (on paper), Brad Penny, is apparently still not throwing hard in his recovery from the nerve injury that ended his season last year. The #2 starter, Odalis Perez, has some tendonitis in his shoulder, and he hasn't been able to throw hard yet, either.