March 11th, 2005


Let It Snow...

It's snowing again. It's a light snow, and the weather people don't seem to think it will accumulate much, but it's damned depressing.

The search for the perfect pork chop continues. Last night I brined it for half the time Alton Brown recommends, and that seems to have gotten the salt level in the meat right. It was a much thinner chop than last time, so it fit well in the GF grill. Unfortunately, I overcooked it a little. Despite that, it wasn't completely dried out, so I'm on the right track.

More pedaling last night. I do need to find a better seating solution.

I've been on a graphics adventure game kick. After I finished Superhero League of Hoboken, I played Frederik Pohl's Gateway, since I'd just read the book, and it was interesting, although it's really more about what happens in the later books of the Gateway verse. Last night I finished Eric the Unready, which is the tremendously funny tale of a knight who seems to have the worst luck. All are from Legend Entertainment, who have done a lot of other very enjoyable games, and are very much the successor to Infocom. Next up I think is Callahan's Crosstime Saloon.


Okay, that "no appreciable accumulation" forecast? Totally wrong. There's already, like, three inches on the ground, and it's really coming down. Feh.
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