April 3rd, 2005


My Aching Back

It was a wild and woolly weekend weather-wise. It rained hamsters most of yesterday, and the wind got nasty overnight. I needed ear plugs to get to sleep. This morning there were various bits and pieces of storm gutter lying on the ground in my back yard. There was a brief moment of panic at this, since my first thought was that it had fallen off *my* house, but the pieces were white, and I was pretty sure my gutters are blue. I took a quick trip outside to confirm this. Yup, not mine. Later, my neighbor (the one who's building an addition) came over to pick up the pieces. The sun ducked in and out of the clouds all day today, but temps did creep into the fifties, warm enough to let me crack the windows a little.

Having nothing better to do yesterday, I got into full spring cleaning mode. Collapse )

Now I'm completely tuckered out just thinking about it. Actually, my back is killing me, but that's more from all the stuff I wound up doing today.