April 12th, 2005


Born in the Garden State

I did the cutting in for the first coat of paint last night. The problem now is that the manufacturer recommends waiting four hours between coats, so I can really only do one coat per evening. This is gonna take forever.

Rather than sitting there watching the paint dry, I went down to the basement and started some seedlings (cantaloupes, parsley, basil, and six varieties of tomatoes). I have this little space-age mini-greenhouse that my mother gave me for Christmas a year or two ago. Very easy to use, no muss, no fuss. Now it's sitting on top of the furnace, where I imagine the seeds are just germinating their little endosperms out.

It's another sunny day out, albeit a bit on the cold side. I need to go shopping for a new lawn mower, and perhaps a small tiller/cultivator of some sort. I also need to get a shed of some kind to store all this stuff in.