May 8th, 2005



It was a crappy day outside, and I feeling crappy inside, so it was a good day to do nothing. I started getting a little bit of a sore throat last night, and as this morning progressed I started feeling achy and lethargic. So I sat and read for awhile, then killed the afternoon playing games on the computer. I'm not as achy now, but I still feel dull.

Now I'm sitting here watching the Dodgers-Reds game on ESPN, and I'm sort of curious as to what the over-under is for the game, considering the two teams scored 33 runs in the first two games of the series. Collapse )

The Dodgers are up 6-2 in the bottom of the seventh, and Weaver has pitched well, despite giving up a homer to the Reds' pitcher. Jason Phillips hit the first grand slam of his career to get the Dodgers the lead. There have also been two brilliant full-extension diving catches in right, one by the Reds' Ryan Freel (off Weaver, for pity sake), and the other by Jason Repko.