June 1st, 2005


The Return of the Black Thumb...

What a lovely day. Sunny, temps in the sixties. I stopped on the way home, and picked up three different tomato plants, a three pack of canteloupes, and another package of strawberry plants (10 of 'em, all very healthy looking). I raked all the dead strawbs out of the old tomato patch, and put in a row of tomatoes and a row of strawbs. I stuck the canteloupes in the middle of the onion field. The instructions on the box the strawberry plants came in said that under absolutely no circumstances should the strawberries be planted in ground where tomatoes (and other tomato family plants such as peppers or eggplant) have been growing in the last three years. Apparently, it would be bad. Of course, I had nowhere else to put them, short of digging a new patch somewhere, something I didn't feel like doing tonight. So in they went. They probably don't really mean it.

I have finished downloading the entire original series of Connections, James Burke's wonderful series on the links among technological innovations and how technological change affects our world view, so I can finally retire my old incomplete set of tapes. Some of the material, especially about computers, is a bit dated (the series ran in the late seventies), but some of it turns out to be even more topical today (a brief discussion of sharing one's private information in order to obtain credit). Good stuff. I'm also downloading the much later second series, which I recall as not quite so good. I gave up on it after a few eps when it first aired, so a lot of it will be new.

Finished reading Whispering Nickel Idols, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Much better the the last one. Garrett investigates the disappearance of the head of Tun Faire's crime syndicate while dodging the slings and arrows of an outraged religious cult.