June 5th, 2005


Hot Time in Slocum

Another hot one, so I spent the morning installing air conditioners. I installed the window A/C in the back room, and then set up my snazzy new Haier portable A/C in the office. The Haier doesn't require a full-width window for installation, just enough room for the intake and exhaust tubes, which makes it perfect for use with the narrow windows in the front of my house. In fact, you don't even lose the use of the window, since you can keep the screen in place. I hoped that between the two of them I'd have enough BTU to take care of the entire first floor, but it's not quite enough. It'd be nice to close off, say, the living room, but it'd be hard to do, and require much drapeage. Maybe if I get another, smaller Haier (or similar) for the living room.

I had to cut some pieces of plywood to make the Haier fit nice and snug, which meant I had to revisit the crate. Finished knocking it apart enough to get it off the table saw. Eventually, I'll have to start all those yanking nails out of the boards. Feh.

I holed up in the office for the worst of the heat. I installed an old copy of The Sims I had. I'd tried it once years ago, but never went back to it until today. It is a real time killer, but I've already lost interest. It was probably the second stove top fire that did it. It was the only excitement. I even tried out the nudity patch, but that wore thin pretty quick. Shrug.

I did venture out for a little while this evening to mow the lawn. I was going to fire up the weed whacker for the first time this year, too, but it didn't want to start. I'll need to drop it off at Frank's for service.

Heh. I'm listening to the Dodgers game on tape delay, and the Brewers' pitcher just threw a wild pitch while trying to intentionally walk someone. The runner on third scored, then the pitcher walked the batter anyway, and the manager came and got him. 5-1 Dodgers after three with Brad Penny pitching. Penny has been good recently, and is getting back to being the pitcher the Dodgers thought they were getting for Lo Duca and Mota.

It's hard to believe we're already a third of the way through the season. The Dodgers have been miserable of late. They're in third, and the optimists at DT keep saying brave things about the Padres and DBacks being not all that good, either, but if it hadn't been for their torrid start, LA would be way back. The weird thing is that the offense, which all the DePo naysayers predicted would be awful, has been pretty good. It's the pitching that's killing them, particularly their home run rate. They're on a pace to break the all time Dodger record for home runs given up. Injuries aren't helping either. Milton Bradley had to go on the DL, one of seven currently on the list. Jon Weisman did a nice analysis of the season so far here.