July 8th, 2005


Dem Bums...

We've paid in hell since Moscow burned,
As Cossacks tear us piece by piece,
Our dead are strewn a hundred leagues,
Though death would be a sweet release.
-- Mark Knopfler

The Dodger season is beginning to resemble Napoleon's retreat from Moscow. Yesterday's game was a truly depressing thing. Of the eight position players the Dodgers started against the Rockies, only two were playing in the majors this time last year, and neither was a starter at the time. The disabled list is long, and getting longer everyday. Izturis was added to it the other day, and Jeff Kent is sitting out a few games trying to avoid the same. Still, the Dodgers spotted Derek Lowe to a 5-0 lead through four.

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I was a little surprised when DePo released Alex Cora over the winter. Cora played well last year, but the Kent signing and the emergence of Antonio Perez meant there was no spot for him to play. In retrospect, DePo made the right decision. Cora signed with Cleveland, but didn't play at all well. Yesterday he was traded to the Sox, and was in the line up last night, striking out twice in the lead off spot. At least he didn't get picked off second base with the bases loaded and two outs. That was Trot Nixon.

Finally, I had to post this gem I found at DT.
After missing 54 games with an ankle injury suffered on a slide at home, Jose Vidro of Washington returned Tuesday - and had to slide at home.

"I tried to get my legs up, my knee up, so that I wouldn't get anything stuck out there," Vidro told The Associated Press. "But it was so exciting. You don't know how much this means to me. I almost cried. I'm not going to lie. I was so emotional. I love this game. I love to be out there, put my uniform on."

Jose Vidro is my new favorite player.