August 1st, 2005


Kerfuffles, Palmeiro, and Bonds, Oh Joy...

Heck of an off-field day for us baseball fans, especially those who follow the NL West. It started when I checked in at the Dodger Thoughts blog, and discovered the aftermath of what was apparently a big kerfuffle during yesterday's watch & post. I decided not to wade through the 715 comments, but rather just read the blog owner's post scolding everyone who participated. From what I can infer, the kerfuffle started over Jim Tracy's managing of the game, specifically the fact that he had Milton Bradley lay down a sacrifice bunt with men on first and second, and no outs in the bottom of the ninth. Bradley succeeded, but the Cards then intentionally walked Jeff Kent, after which Saenz grounded into a double play to end the scoring opportunity.

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Just to cap off the day, I found the following note in my mailbox today:

Dear Neighbor,
We just wanted to give you a warning that we had some cell phones and money stolen from out vehicles parked in our driveway sometime between Saturday 7/30 10:00 pm and Sunday 7/31 7:30 am. We've notified the Police, but thought you should know that someone is stealing from the neighborhood so you can take appropriate precautions.

I always leave my car unlocked. I leave money and CDs and even my cell, on occasion, in it. One of the reasons I like living out here is that I don't usually have to worry about stuff like this. I locked my car tonight. The frelling terrorists have won.