August 14th, 2005


Waiting for the Rain...

There's never a thunder god around when you need one. At least, that's the way it seems. After a couple days of absolutely miserable heat and humidity, storms have been traversing the region since mid-afternoon, but all we've gotten is overcast skies, a stiff breeze, temperatures dropping to the mid-eighties by late afternoon, and high seventies now. The humidity is such that it still feels like one is swimming in soup outside, but at least the soup is no longer piping hot. It's been raining north of here for hours now. The Sox got rained out at Fenway. Not a drop here, though. It'll really suck if we don't get anything. We haven't had a decent rain since June, and the flora is starting to pine for the fjords.

I've been staying mostly near the a/c all weekend, which was fighting somewhat of a losing battle against this much heat, and this much humidity. I failed to do much of anything, and even some of the things I did do failed miserably. I tried making tapioca pudding yesterday, but instead wound up with cream of tapioca soup. Or maybe you could call it a boba vanilla milkshake. Anyway, whatever it was, it was a complete failure as comfort food. I tried reading in front of the a/c in the back room early this afternoon, and woke up two hours later completely groggy.

I did spend some time down in the basement cleaning out the laundry area (it's been years), vacuuming, cleaning up the cobwebs, hauling away several years worth of accumulated dryer lint, detergent boxes, and spent softener sheets, and sorting through old clothes to figure out what to bring the the Salvation Army. The obnoxious thing is that it was actually hotter in the basement than it was upstairs. I also took the opportunity afforded by the lower temps late this afternoon to reinstall the hard lid for my truck's bed, replacing the soft tonneau cover that I've been riding around with since I helped Vee move a couple weeks ago. (The lid turns my truck bed into an enormous trunk, which nice and secure, but not so handy when moving furniture.) Even with the lower temperature and stiff breeze, I wound up drenched in sweat. Really, it was just a miserable weekend.

I only follow a few comic strips anymore. One of them, For Better or for Worse, has been running a story-line that has been annoying the everliving crap out of me. Collapse )

Brad Penny pitched a tremendous game today, scattering eight hits in a complete game win over the Mets, beating Pedro Martinez, 2-1. The story for most of the game was Martinez, who was pitching a no-hitter until Antonio Perez tripled with one out in the bottom of the eighth. Jayson Werth followed with a homer for the lead. I have to admit I was torn. I would've liked to see both Martinez and the Mets finally get a no-hitter, just not against the Dodgers.

Ooh! Is that thunder?