August 19th, 2005


Still Blah...

It was one of the lovely summer nights where the temps drop to the high fifties, an absolutely perfect night for sleeping. However, I, for the second night in a row, was up with a tetchy stomach. Wednesday night it was food poisoning from an underdone hamburger. I have no idea why my stomach was giving me grief last night.

I picked my first two onions last night. I didn't get them planted until late, so they are very small. Tomatoes have been ripening quickly, so I've had plenty to enjoy. There are also to two muskmelons slowly growing.

I have decided that it's time to switch e-mail apps at home from Pocomail to Thunderbird, which I've been using at work. Tbird's spam filtering is just way superior. Poco uses keywords and domain matching to catch spam, which was fine when I wasn't getting all that much, but lately I've been inundated. Plus it's been giving me some odd false positives lately, and doesn't seem to react to any changes in the filter that I make. For example, legitimate mail from is getting tossed in the trash, while a spate of spam from the same domain gets put in the inbox. Telling the system it's spam doesn't work. (It's weird spam, generally three separate messages all from the same yahoo address, each with a different display name. The display name is generally a male Jewish first name. I've sent a few to yahoo abuse, but it keeps on coming.)

I installed Thunderbird last night. Now I just want to move the address books and messages over. I tried the address books first. Unfortunately, the fields don't match up very well. The main problem here is that Poco didn't have separate fields for address components, so I stored addresses as notes. The CSV export file adds a truckload of quote marks to those, so there's a lot of clean up to do once they're exported, either in Excel, or manually in Tbird. I eventually ran out of patience, and decided to continue as a weekend project. I haven't even looked at the messages yet.

There's an odd thing going on with my computer, too. The clock in Windows has been losing time lately. This is a serious matter, since it is the clock I'm generally looking at in the morning to figure out when I should start getting ready to head out the door. This morning it was ten minutes slow, and I was late getting to work. The system clock is fine, because when I reboot the system it comes up with the correct time, so I don't know what's going on here. Clearly something is interfering with the OS's perception of time passed. I don't see any extraneous processes running, but tonight or tomorrow I'm going to hafta take a hard look for spyware.

The Dodgers took two out of three from the Braves. I got to watch last night's game on TBS. The Blue broke the game open with five runs in the fourth, including an rocket shot of a home run by Bradley. Weaver got the win. The Padres lost again, so LA is now four games back, and is tied in the loss column with the Dbacks.

Tim Wakefield took a liner off his shin in yesterday's Sox game. BTDT, it's really no fun at all.