August 23rd, 2005


Better Than Last Year...

So, in four days I've already exceeded the number of miles I rode all last year. That is so frelling sad. I've just been leaving the bike in the back of the truck, so I just stopped at home after work to change, and headed off for Kingston Station and the bike path. And ran smack into a frelling traffic jam on Rt. 2, thanks to all the lovely people who are summering down on the RI shore, but are still driving to Providence to work. Feh.

It's funny, there were many more people on the bike path than there were over the weekend, including far more speed bumps. The most annoying of these was a clutch of five cyclists who were just ambling down the path, riding in both lanes, and being generally oblivious to the rest of the world. As I came up behind them, I moved over to the left to pass them, and yelled "On your left" to warn them that I was going to pass. There was almost no reaction other than a couple of them turning and staring at me, and then as I went by one of them shouted something at me in Spanish. I'm guessing they didn't understand a word I said. Very annoying.

Anyway, tonight the ride was longer and hillier, and my time was faster. It's funny how easily I seem to have slipped back into bike mode. (The other side of that is how easy it would be to slip out of it again.) Pity that I've frittered away so much of the late evening sun.
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