September 9th, 2005


Two and Two to Harvey Kuenn...

Forty years ago today, that guy in the icon there pitched a perfect game, his fourth no-hitter in four years. It was arguably the best pitched game in history, taken as a whole. Koufax's opponent, Bob Hendley, threw a one-hitter. It is the only game in baseball history where there was only one hit total. The only (unearned) run was scored without benefit of an official time at bat. Baseball Analysts printed a recap written at the time by the man who was the official scorer, who happens to be the father of the guy who runs Baseball Analysts. There is also Vin Scully's radio call of the ninth inning, which is the perfect announcer calling the perfect moment.

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You really have to feel for Hendley. It was the best game he ever threw, and he picked the worst possible night to throw it.

This date is also auspicious in that it was thirty years ago that veejane was born, so happy birthday, vee!
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