October 9th, 2005


The Meek Shall Hit the Walk-Off Homer...

The Astros knocked the Braves out of the playoffs when light-hitting rookie Chris Burke hit a home run with one out in the bottom of the eighteenth inning. It was the longest game, both innings-wise and time-wise, in baseball playoff history. Houston used all but two players on their roster. Roger Clemens, in his second relief appearance ever, pitched three excellent innings to get the win. He tried to win it literally, as well as statistically, when he took a home run cut as the first batter in the bottom of the eighteenth. It would've been a great moment, but he struck out instead. Fortunately, young Mr. Burke came to the plate next.

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I finally got off my butt somewhat once the weekend started and I was no longer on vacation. Cleaned the bathroom yesterday, and did some shopping. The best score was a copy of the New Best Recipe, 1000 oversize pages of Cooks Illustrated recipes and notes that I picked up at Sam's Club for a mere $20. I also got a heavy duty stainless steel wire adjustable six-shelf unit there, 4' x 18" x 6' high, for $79. And it's even on casters so I can move it around if I need to. Today I assembled it, and started cleaning out and organizing the corner of my basement that is not the workshop or the laundry, which means it's where I pile every other piece of crap I own. The shelves will let me get stuff like the air conditioner up off the floor. Sadly, I've discovered that snapping my fingers and having the stuff organize itself, a la Mary Poppins, doesn't actually work, and I still have plenty of manual organizing to do. And there's also a ton of crap that has to go to either the dumpster or the Salvation Army. Anyone need a rowing machine? It seemed like a good idea at the time.