October 23rd, 2005


You Can't Go Home Again...

The trip to the computer show was a complete waste of time and six bucks. It's probably been a year or more since I last went to one, and the difference is pretty startling. Last time I went, the show area was completely packed with both vendors and people. Now, barely half the area was sold, and there weren't a heck of a lot of people browsing the aisles. So odd. I went to these things for years and years, and they were always packed. I wonder what happened to change things?

Prices were good, but not great, and not enough to make me buy anything. There were a couple of small gizmos I considered, if only because I'd paid to get in, but in the end I walked out fifteen minutes after I got there, having seen apparently all there was to see.

I'm currently at work converting VM to mpg so's I can watch it at home. There were a couple of false starts, but I seem to have figured out the proper settings to get the aspect ratio right. Meanwhile, I transferred the stuff I need to work on tonight to the laptop, and packed that up.

I'm also hungry. I had coffee and two cookies for breakfast several hours ago, and nothing since.