October 31st, 2005


Good Night, and Good Luck

Odd coincidences are neat. One such occurred last weekend when I was watching DVDs whilst puttering around the house. The first was Sink the Bismarck, about how the British naval staff coordinated the search for and ultimate destruction of the infamous German Battleship from down in the basement of the Admiralty. Okay, it's not really as dry as all that. There are some corking good naval gunnery battle sequences, along with the obligatory melodrama down in the basement. Fortunately, the melodrama is understated and doesn't detract or distract from the story much. (As compared to the execrable Midway, which is essentially the same movie, except set in the Pacific a year later. Instead of Sir Kenneth More quietly going about his business down in the basement, we get Charlton Heston chewing scenery as a one-man task force, along with Hal Holbrook affecting one of the worst accents ever, and an insane side plot about Chuck's son's Japanese girlfriend being carted off to an internment camp. So awful. I'm ashamed to admit that I actually paid to see it.)

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It'a only 6:30, and I've already had twelve trick-or-treaters. Good thing I bought extra candy on the way home.