November 13th, 2005


Autumn Daze

Ah, the joys of good sound. I moved all my MP3s onto the new machine, and was listening to music most of the day whilst cleaning. It's great fun to be swabbing down the top of the refrigerator with Stevie Ray Vaughan's version of "Pipeline" blasting in the background.

It was another nice day. We've finally gotten some fall-like cold temperatures at night, even getting down into the thirties the other night, but it's been warming up nicely during the day.

Warm, yes, but still autumn. I did nine miles on the bike this afternoon, and it was chilly. The thermometer said 60°, but it was windy, not at all humid, and the sun kept playing hide and seek behind the clouds. I was wearing sweat pants and a long-sleeved shirt, which was fine, but I kept wishing I'd worn something to cover my ears.

When I got home, I swapped in the windows for the screens on the storm doors. Now I'm watching the Wizard of Oz.
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