December 9th, 2005


Starting the Countdown...

So, when I woke up, there was a little snow on the ground, but still not enough to haul out the blower. I swept the stoop and the walk with a broom. Of course in the intervening couple of hours between then and now it's been coming down like crazy, but I am at work, so can't worry about it. It's supposed to turn to rain later. Feh.

I will note that the roads locally are in miserable shape. The snow isn't deep, but the roads are hella slippery. I don't know what the plow crews are doing, but they don't seem to be doing anything that falls under their job description.

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Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon...

Okay, we've gone from snow to heavy rain to wind-driven sleet that made it sound like someone was sandblasting my window, and now we have a frelling blizzard going on.

Nice frelling weather. Sheesh.

eta @ 3:08 pm: Now the sun's out...
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God, I'm Boring...

First line of the first post from each month in 2005:

January: It was a bad year, like a lot of others I've had lately.
February: It is bright, sunny, and warmish (40's) outside.
March: More snow, another six to eight inches.
April: It was a wild and woolly weekend weather-wise.
May: Note to self: never, ever, go to the supermarket on a Sunday afternoon again.
June: What a lovely day.
July: Another gray day in a week of gray days.
August: Heck of an off-field day for us baseball fans, especially those who follow the NL West.
September: The truly aggravating thing about Derek Lowe is that occasionally he throws a brilliant game, such that you wonder why he can't do it more often.
October: I just realized that River's evil teacher was played by Michael from Lost's evil ex.
November: Ya know what's annoying?
December: Neck Deep in the Managerial Muddy...

I'm whiny, too.
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