December 10th, 2005


Slip Sliding Away...

Okay, this is cool. I am sitting at my desk at home typing this on my laptop (Slick), which is connected to the Citrix server at work, which is running a remote desktop connection to my work machine, which is in turn running another remote desktop connection back to my main home machine (Suzily), and it's all working. Not only is it working, it's fast. I am impressed.

I'm doing this exercise because I wanted to set up Suzily so I could connect to it from work using remote desktop, and I was having problems getting the firewall settings right. Zone Alarm allows you to open ports to specific IP addresses, so I set it up so remote desktop could only be accessed from my work IP addresses. There was some tweaking that needed doing at this end, but now it all seems to be working splendidly. Woo!

In other news, has anyone seen my big pail o'rock salt? Clearing the walks last night mostly involved pushing slush around, with the result that now there is a thick layer of black ice on them. The sun is sharp today, so the driveway will melt of its own accord, but the walk and stoop are shaded. I have a pail of rock salt somewhere, but damn if I can find it. Bother.