December 11th, 2005


Isn't He Dead?

The GM, manager and coach greet the players as they arrive for spring training in Major League:

GM: There's Jake Taylor
Manager: He was an all-star in Boston, wasn't he?
GM: Yeah, wound up in the Mexican League. Had some problems with his knees.
Coach: Wish we had him two years ago.
GM: We did.
Coach: Four years ago, then.

Or maybe eight years ago...

Neddy Colletti has given the first indication that he may be a disaster waiting to happen. He just signed Sandy Alomar, Jr., to be the back up catcher behind Dioner Navarro. Never mind that Alomar will be forty in June. Never mind that his last good year was in 1997. Never mind that he can't hit it out of the infield anymore, and never, ever, walks. Never mind that for the same money we could have brought back Paul Bako, not to mention that Jason Phillips would cost even less. Alomar is reportedly being brought in as mentor to Navarro. What can he possibly teach him? Hitting? Navarro is already more patient at the plate, and hit better playing in Dodger Stadium then Alomar did playing in Texas last season. Fielding? Alomar didn't throw out a single stolen base attempt in 17 tries last season. And if you want him to act as coach, hire him as a coach. You save money and a roster spot that way. Bozhe moi.

Just one more aggravation on the weekend, although at least this one wasn't self-inflicted. I did get to see folks, and have a good time with them, so that was a big plus. When I was on my own, though, it was just one misery after another. I need a new life. Or a new brain. Or something.