December 16th, 2005


Rainy Day

Heh. The Kansas City Royals have signed Doug Mientkiewicz and Mark Grudzielanek to play first and second for them, respectively, thus corralling the two longest surnames in the majors within ninety feet of each other. KC sportswriters are reportedly up in arms.

It's another nasty Friday weatherwise, as the cold wind blows and the rain comes down in buckets. I am sitting here trying to come up with a brilliant idea for a Christmas card, and having little luck with my experiments. Need to get this done so I can mail them with a reasonable expectation of them arriving.

Ooh, and the power just flicked on and off.

Edited to add: Bob Timmerman at the Griddle notes that while "Grudzielanek" is worth 27 points in Scrabble, and "Mientkiewicz" 34, Javier Vazquez efficiently beats them both at 36 points, and that's not even counting the 16 for his first name.