January 1st, 2006


The Year in Books

It snowed last night, but still not enough for the blower. I didn't even bother to shovel, since I wasn't planning on going anywhere, anyway. Good decision, because it seems to be melting away on its own.

Time for the annual list of books I read this past year:

Collapse )

Lots of baseball, not a lot of what one might call great literature, and the reading got extremely light towards the end the end there. I have no idea what I'm going to start next.


Mostly the same resolutions as usual: read more, lose some weight, do more projects around the house. Last year's results were mixed. I did well on the reading front. I actually did lose a few pounds last year. Not many, but the letter of the resolution was met, if not the spirit. I would've done better had I gotten myself back on the bike before the end of August. We'll see about that come spring. I did get one major house project done, but otherwise I'm not at all satisfied with my progress there. There's just so much that needs doing, and my inherent laziness doesn't help matters. I need to do better this year.
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