January 10th, 2006


The Nominees Are...

The Hall of Fame balloting results will be announced this afternoon. There were 28 names on the ballot. The voters (members of the Baseball Writers Assn. of a certain seniority) can vote for up to ten players. A player needs to be picked on 75% of the ballots for election, and if he's not on 5% of the ballots, or if he's used up his 15 years of eligibility, he's taken off. Here's the list, and who I'd vote for (in bold) if they gave me a ballot. Collapse )

In other baseball news, the Dodgers traded relievers Duaner Sanchez and Steve Schmoll to the Mets for starter Jae Seo and reliever Tim Hamulack. This is probably a good deal for both clubs. Seo had an excellent half a season for the Mets last year, and could be solid in the rotation. The Dodgers certainly needed another starter now that they've bid adios to Jeff Weaver. Sanchez was LA's most reliable reliever last year, but with Gagne coming back from surgery, and Brazoban seemingly coming back to form in winter ball, he was a luxury the Dodgers could afford to part with, and the Mets are desperate for relievers. Scholl is an affable guy with a tricky delivery, but the worry was that once hitters get used to him he'll become very hittable. Hamulack is a throw-in, a workmanlike reliever who has a good shot at grabbing Cararra's old spot in the bulpen.

The Blue Jays have done some good things this offseason to improve their club. Signing ex-Dodger Thoughts pariah, Jason Phillips, probably isn't one of them, however. Fortunately for them it's only a minor league deal. Another ex-DTP, Norahito Nakamura, is back playing for Orix in Japan.

Former NFL Rams wide receiver and current Rams announcer, Jack Snow, the father of newly acquired Sox first baseman J.T. Snow, died yesterday from a staph infection at 62. Yikes!

Only 40 days until pitchers and catchers report!