January 18th, 2006


Weather Report

Man, we've been having some wild and wacky weather for the last week or so. It started off pretty nice last week when we got a three-day mini-March. Then Mama Nature decided March was over, and gave us an entire month's worth of warmish April showers on Saturday. Sunday we got a snow squall, and then Monday the temperature dropped down to sub-arctic levels, flash freezing all that moisture that was laying about. I had a helluva time opening the door on my truck Monday morning. Yesterday was very nice, cold but sunny, a typical January day, and I noticed that the sky still had a little light left in it when I left work. Today we have a reverse nor'easter going on, windy as all get out (but from the southwest), with heavy, horizontal rain. Can't wait to see what we get next.

In honor of the bad weather, I've been hunkering down and cooking large pots of comfort food. Saturday it was beef stew. Sunday, I'd got some ground beef on sale, put half aside for meat sauce, and made taco meat out of the rest for taco salad. Last night I poached a package of boneless chicken breasts in broth and wine. Now I have enough food leftover for a good long time.

Over Christmas, I bought the DVD of Murder My Sweet, the original movie version of Chandler's Farewell My Lovely, and since I'd never read the novel, I decided to do that first before watching the DVD. Collapse )

Now the sun's out. Huh. Still windy, though.


Came home to find that the aforementioned southwest wind had blown the southwest facing attic window sash inwards off its tracks, which allowed the aforementioned horizontal rain to soak everything in the immediate area. It's happened before (they're the most cheesily made windows ever), and this time the pins that keep the window sash in the track were ripped out. So I wound up having to nail a couple pieces of molding across the back of it to hold it in place. Crap.