January 30th, 2006


Adventuring in Pawtucket...

Saturday was a day for adventures. They started when I headed up to McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket to meet up with veejane for the PawSox Hot Stove event, a fan meet and greet with some of the players and staff. There was a huge turn out (one of the hosts noted that they usually give away 2000 hot dogs at one of these things, but this year they were well on their way to 3000). I got there early, about ten minutes before the doors opened, and after a quick walk up and down the already long line to see if Vee was already there so I could cut in, I settled into the queue. The wait wasn't bad. The weather was lovely, folks were talking about the just completed Coco Crisp deal, and Paws, the Sox big fuzzy polar bear of a mascot, was roaming up and down the line shaking, er, paws and posing for photos.

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