February 15th, 2006



So far today I have:

Finished revising the SOP from hell;
Registered for Boskone;
Figured out how to get to Boskone via commuter rail;
Done the Snoopy dance of Spring Training camps opening.

Currently I am counting the seconds until I can leave, because despite having lunch (a carton of yogurt and an apple), and a chocolate chip cookie mid-afternoon, I am famished. I mean really hungry, almost to the point where the urge to find food is taking up all my thought processes. That's not usual. I haven't felt right for the last couple of days, not really sick, but just not right, so maybe I have some minor bug that my body is fighting sans overt symptoms.

I also need to pick up a copy of the new Belle and Sebastian album. I listened to a freebie from the album that's up on Salon, "Funny Little Frog," and it's very good, although perhaps I do identify with the song's narrator a tad too much.

Damn, I'm hungry...