March 3rd, 2006


Hey, Meat...

There's eight inches of snow on the ground, it's windy as heck, but the sun is out, so it's all very pretty. There was neither wind nor driftage last night, so the snowblower got a good workout this morning, and it worked like a champ.

The drive home last night was miserable, because people just don't know how to drive. Collapse )

I watched some of the WBC opening game last night between Korea and Taiwan. Korea started two Dodgers, Jae Seo (who got the win) and Hee-Seop Choi, and ex-Dodger Chan-Ho Park got the save. Another Dodger, Chin-Feng Chen, was on Taiwan's roster, but is injured.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the WBC. I think it's a nice idea, but it would be better in November. Even MLB is sending mixed messages. On the Dodgers, Tommy Lasorda is ripping players for refusing to play for their country, while Grady Little is saying that players who leave camp to play in the WBC just make it easier to figure out who's gonna be on the opening day roster. Although I doubt he'd have said that if Gagne had decided to play for Canada. Most of the guys fighting for jobs took it to heart. Robles is in camp instead of playing for Mexico, and Russell Martin won't be catching for Canada. Hee-Seop probably figured he's already lost his job and is likely to be traded, so what's the dif.

I was listening to the Dodgers hit batting practice against Braves pitching for most of the afternoon, until I got called away to set up a new machine on the domain. it was 7-3 Dodgers when I left in the eighth inning. When I got back, the Braves had won 8-7. Bother.

Meanwhile, think you've had a bad day? This poor guy was traded to another soccer team for 33 lbs. of meat. He retired instead of reporting to his new team, though. I guess he figured the writing was on the wall.