March 8th, 2006


Things Our Ancestors Didn't Have to Deal With...

You know it's going to be a bad day when you get a paper cut on the tip of your index finger whilst removing the plastic wrapping from a box of tea bags.

I'm about halfway through Stephen Baxter's Manifold: Space, and I'm running out of steam. Or the book is. Or something. It started well, but it now it seems to be running in place. Something better happen soon.

There were a bunch of exciting games in the WBC yesterday.

South Africa, the only team in the WBC with no major leaguers on its roster, a team that everyone expected to be mercy-ruled in every game it played, almost beat Canada yesterday. They were up 8-7 going into the top of the ninth, but gave up four runs that inning to lose. It was a moral victory if not an actual one. PawSoxer Adam Stern, after doubling in the tying run, scored the winning run for Canada.

The Dominican Republic vs. Venezuela game was an example of great hitters versus great pitchers. Venezuela, led by Johan Santana, has arguably the best pitching staff in the tournament, while the Dominicans' line up is a murderers row. The boppers won 11-5, as David Ortiz and Adrian Beltre each hit two home runs.

It's bad enough that Italy stocked their roster with US-born players by virtue of their being of Italian descent, so that they could grab up Mike Piazza, among others, but did they have to steal the Dodgers uniform, too? It's not like they match their national colors. (I should mention that they also tried to get Mike Mussina to play for them, but he refused, pointing out that some people with vowels at the end of their names are Polish.)

The Italians mercied the Australian team, 10-0, which I didn't expect. Australia's produced quite a few players over the years, mostly pitchers. Seton Hall alumus Jason Grilli, who was born in Michigan, got the win for Italy.

Meanwhile, back at Vero Beach, Andre Ethier became the first injury of camp, jamming his shoulder diving for a ball in the outfield. Sadly, neither Aaron Sele nor Ramon Martinez has gotten hurt, increasing the chance that Neddy might actually put them on the major league roster.

I've just been informed that someone just "helpfully" re-entered some duplicate data into our production database, data that I'd painstakingly removed not two weeks ago. Now I need to go whap someone upside the head.

LiveJournal News

You might not yet be aware of this, but LJ is considering adding an ad-based service level in addition to paid accounts and free accounts. Essentially it'll be a free account with some of the goodies that paid accounts get, but there'll be some advertising in your journal. I mention it mostly because the discussion is going on over in lj_biz, rather than in one of the more usual LJ communities. That would be the place to go if you have questions.