March 24th, 2006


Buffista FrankenMix - 2006

Some new stuff, lots of old stuff from my college years, lots of danceable stuff and stuff about dancing, some serious drum beats, more redundancy than a NASA spacecraft, and a track list that reads like a bunch of sideshow attractions.

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Friday afternoon, and I'm bored out of my mind. The weather isn't helping at all. It's a gray day, and it's cold. It's been cold for more than a week, despite the fact that it's supposed to be spring.

Speaking of bored, I finished reading Stephen Baxter's Manifold: Space. It started off well enough, but after awhile it was just a series of vignettes showing various ways humans can adapt to different planetary environments, plus assorted ways to knock life on various planets back into the primordial ooze. There's one nice piece of action near the end, but it's related second-hand, removing any potential tension. The only potentially interesting character is distant and totally incrutable, and we only see her through the eyes of others. It ends up with a crucifixion metaphor and me snoring. Shoulda chucked it halfway through, but I kept thinking that it had the potential to get better. Silly me.

I'm currently halfway through the latest Honor Harrington novel, and as usual with the later books, I spend half my time enjoying the explosions and military talk, while tolerating the politics and Honor's increasingly bizarre personal story. The politics hasn't been too bad so far, but I'm fearful my eye roll quotient is going to set new highs on the personal story side of things. More when I finish.

There Is no Choi in Dodgertown...

...Hee-Seop has been waived.

At least that's according to the Dodger public relations director. He's already been claimed, too, by the Red Sox.

No surprise that he's not going to be in Dodger Stadium. There were just too many potential first basemen, and not enough roster slots. It's also no surprise that Theo snagged him, since he's exactly the kind of player stat heads love. What is a surprise is that Neddy just cut him loose without apparently trying to get something for him. Folks have suggested maybe we could've gotten Alex Cora back. Now, there was a deadline involved. If Choi was still on the roster after the 29th, he would be owed his full salary. Now the Dodgers are only on the hook for about a quarter of it.

Anyway, the Choi era is over.