April 2nd, 2006


Opening Day...

The Freeway Series once again went to the Angels, although it was hardly the rout it was last year. The first two games were both called with the score tied, and the Angels won the final game 4-2.

The roster had to be submitted Saturday night, so here's a look at who'll be in the Dodger dugout tomorrow night when they open against the Braves. Collapse )

One of the weirder things that's happening in baseball nowadays is that when the catcher goes out to talk to the pitcher, the players raise their gloves to cover their mouths, so that opposing teams can't read their lips while they're in conference. Charley Steiner mentioned this in one of the weekend games, because on one occasion the two participants were Dioner Navarro, who speaks Spanish, and Takashi Saito, who speaks Japanese, and he was wondering a) what language they were speaking, b) could anyone lip read it anyway, and c) isn't hard enough to try to communicate without having to listen to multiple languages muffled by a big leather glove? It got even more ridiculous when pitching coach Rick Honeycutt went out to talk to them, because, being a coach, Honeycutt didn't wear a mitt, and, being a coach, he was doing all the talking.