April 4th, 2006


I Am Shocked! Shocked, I tell You...

It's the second day of the season, and Nomah is already on the disabled list. Pulled a rib cage muscle in the last Angels game, which meant he wasn't available for opening day. Olmedo Saenz took Garciaparra's spot in the line up, and managed to strike out in each of his first three at bats, stranding seven runners. Meanwhile, the Braves were tattooing DeLo (7 earned). Eventually the Dodger bats, including Olmedo's, came alive, ending Tim Hudson's day early, as well. After that the bullpens took turns giving up runs. The Braves finally won the thing 12-11.

Anyhoo, it may be that Nomar will heal quickly, but the Dodgers can't afford to be short a player on an already short bench, so he goes on the DL, while James Loney comes up from Las Vegas to show what he can do.

It really wasn't DeLo's best day at all. Earlier, the depositions in Lowe's divorce case were made public. Among the juicy tidbits, DeLo was on Ritalin while with the Sox, and is now on Adderall for his ADD (color me shocked again). There's much discussion about his drinking. There's also some thoughtless, potentially nasty comments he made that sort of lend credence to Milton Bradley's complaints about being the only African-American on the team.

Lowe (ERA=12.60) and Hudson (11.25) weren't the only starters that got roughed up badly yesterday. Barry Zito (47.25), Jon Lieber (21.60), Scott Kazmir (13.50), and Aaron Harang (10.80) weren't exactly mowing them down, either. The trend is continuing, as I just watched Tim Wakefield (17.18) get knocked out of tonight's Sox game.