May 4th, 2006


The LJ Outage Conspiracy Theory...

Six Apart, the owner of LiveLournal, TypePad, and a bunch of other blogging sites, got whacked with a DDoS attack Tuesday night, pretty much knocking LJ and everything else offline for about twelve hours. Now comes word that the attack may not have originally be aimed at Six Apart, but was rather redirected there (inadvertently or otherwise) by the real target, Blue Security, an anti-spam service. It seems when they came under attack, they pointed their domain name at their TypePad blog, presumably so they could provide status reports. Of course, since the domain name was the frelling bullseye for the attack, the river of bad traffic just got diverted into Six Apart's front door. Um, oops?

More here.

The Ride Was a Little Dry...

Finally, it was a warm, sunny day, with no wind, no rain, no sleet, no mutant turkeys...

Bolted out of work right at 5:00 so as to not waste any daylight, grabbed my stuff at home, and headed for the bike path. It really was a lovely evening, not too warm, not too cool, not too many pedestrians (aka, speed bumps). Did nine miles, pushed myself, and still felt good afterwards.

The bike computer still isn't talking to the sensor. I tried cleaning the contacts with an eraser, but no joy. I think one of the sending wires must've been damaged when I had the bike overhauled. The problem is that the computer is thirteen years old, and neither it nor it's replacement parts are made any more. I do have a spare sensor unit from the new computer I bought to replace the widowmaker's unit that got broken when I had my accident. The interface that the computer slides into is almost identical to the original, and the old unit does fit into it, albeit a little more snugly than necessary. (OTOH, the new computer doesn't quite fit in the old sender.) So maybe that would work. Or, I suppose I could just use the newer, snazzier computer on the old bike, too.

When I got home, I turned on the grill and made a pizzaburger for dinner.

Bob Timmermann has a nice piece over at the Griddle on why Bill Mueller pronounces his name the way he does.