May 11th, 2006


Free John Lackey!

About a year and a half ago, Jason Kendall signed with the A's, a move that disappointed me mightily as I hoped DePo would sign him for the then catcherless Dodgers. Since then, though, it's become readily apparent that DePo was right, and I was wrong about Kendall. He seems to have completely forgotten how to hit, and recently his mental makeup seems to have gone completely around the twist, almost making his teammate, Milton Bradley, look like Casper Milquetoast by comparison.

Kendall charged Angels' pitcher, John Lackey, after Lackey had made a not so polite suggestion from the mound, setting off a brawl. In the aftermath, both Kendall and Lackey were suspended. Lackey, feeling that he has been grieviously wronged, says "I’ll appeal this one until I die." Lackey's attitude is summed up in Free John Lackey!, a hilarious send up that was posted over at Idiots Write About Sports.