May 21st, 2006


Oh, Demon Alcohol, Sad Memories I Can't Recall...

So... Anyone get the number of that truck stuff e_juliana gave me to drink last night? The stuff with the thirty secret herbs and spices alkaloids in it?

The prom was great fun, with the meeting bunches of new folks (Spidra, Bridget, Sparky, AmyLiz, JessiMoon's baby sister, Seanie's GF, and others), and the drinking (v&t's, cosmopolitans, gimlets, and lots of 'em), and the dancing, and even the singing along to "Hard Days Night" and "Start Me Up." There was the unfortunate "club soda incident," but things were taken care of, so we shall never speak of it again. It ended on a high note, with me under a possible death sentence for comparing debg to Grace Slick. Afterwards, I headed straight to bed. Couldn't sleep, so I padded on down the hall to the hospitality suite, where Juliana shoved this shot of something that tasted remarkably like the old-fashioned pertussin with codeine cough syrup I used to have to take when I was very young, back before cherry flavoring was invented. sowilo solved the flavoring issue by letting me have a sip of her special cherry/lime concoction as a chaser. I hung out for about an hour before trying the sleep thing again. It still took awhile before I drifted off for good around 3 a.m.

Anyway, I was looking and feeling my best when I woke up at 6:30 a.m. I took some enteric coated aspirin (all I had), drank some water, and headed down to the fitness room, only to find a very tall German fellow (there's been an enormous German tour group at the hotel all weekend) perched on the stationary bike. Twenty minutes later he switched over to running four minute miles on one of the treadmills, and I was able to get in twenty-five minutes worth of work. Sweat that demon out. It's mostly worked, as now I'm awake, more foggy than hung over, and hungry. I'll be fine after I shower and hit Starbucks.

(The title is a bit of an old Kinks song, although, unlike Ray, I've never been so drunk that I've forgotten the night before. I tend get sick long before the memory loss kicks in.)