May 29th, 2006


Memorial Day...

I was going to say it was hot and muggy today, but in truth, it wasn't that hot. I don't think we even broke 80 here. It certainly was muggy though, and for awhile the skies looked threatening. I was up bright and early spreading weed & feed on the lawn while the grass was still dewy. Eat hot herbicide you dandelions!

The Dodgers were playing the Braves in Atlanta, and it was on TV! Collapse )

After the game, it became clear that the threatened thunderstorms weren't coming, so I took the Univega down to the bike path for a ride. I did about nine miles. I'd planned to do more, but the upper end of my right quad began aching not long after I started. Don't know why, and there was no residual pain when I stopped pedaling. I did remember to wear my knee brace, so no pain there, at least. The bike is in about as perfect shape as it can be right now. It just had a tune-up, the computer is working again, and I installed a better saddle today. (I have a whole spiel about bike saddles coming, but right now I'm getting sleepy, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.)