June 23rd, 2006



Watched the jets again a little while ago. It's a little better day for it. High overcast, but not raining (yet), with a nice breeze. It was incredibly muggy early this morning, but a line of thundershowers came through around 8:30 that knocked it back a little. It's actually quite pleasant out there now. Weather.com is forecasting thundershowers every day from now until July. Somehow we seem to have gotten Florida's August weather pattern.

Finished a reread of Poul Anderson's Mirkheim, the novel that closes out his Polesotechnic League stories. Man, I remember this book as being a whole lot better than it was this time around. Although maybe that's because the whole idea behind the planet Mirkheim is so incredibly cool. Collapse )

That's Mirkheim, the macguffin of an otherwise pretty boring book. And if you've read this, you don't need to read the book.