July 10th, 2006

Bike 02


I eventually managed to get the various pieces of wood down into the basement. For the sheet of plywood, it was just a matter of moving a couple of screens, some lawn furniture, and a few other wood sheets that were leaning up against the cellar wall opposite the bottom of the stairs. I got the extremely long boards down by attacking the problem diagonally (lateral thinking!), and snaking them through the open studs and shelving on one side of the stairs. It was a nifty solution. However, it would've been a whole lot niftier if I hadn't forgotten that I'd parked the aforementioned screens opposite the gap I was snaking the boards through. I now have two 1x4 shaped holes in the screen for the back room. Dee X. Machina, Sooper Genius...

I took that as a sign that I shouldn't attempt to do a whole lot more in the way of thought intensive tasks for the weekend. I did some more cleanup down in the basement, and it's gradually getting back to being usable. I spent a good chunk of time flying a DC-3 from Quonset Pt. to Chicago-Midway and back (five hours or so each way, and about as boring as it sounds) in Flight Simulator while listening to the Dodgers and watching DVDs.

I also did 17+ miles on the bike yesterday. Checking my bike log, I am embarrassed to report that it's the first time I've done that long a ride in almost three years. I really do need to crank the effort up a little. I'm gonna hit the path again today, and see how far I get. I was pretty stiff when I woke up this morning, but that seems to have mostly passed. We'll see.

Home Run Derby...

So, I went riding again tonight. I was able to do almost fourteen miles. Was very stiff when I started. After a couple of minutes I loosened up a little, but never got terribly comfortable. My legs were so dead when I finished that I had a hard time getting off the bike. Also, the new saddle isn't quite broken in yet, so my butt hurts. Que sera. Still glad I forced myself to do it, because I do need to get back into a regular routine. Tomorrow is supposed to be thunderstormy, so I can recuperate for Wednesday.

Now I'm having a beer, mocking the Home Run Derby over at the Griddle, and otherwise communing with my inner turnip, serene in the knowledge that at least they don't determine the winner of the World Series with one of these things.

Bill Mazeroski threw out the first pitch of the HRD, and still looks good. His home run to win the '60 Series is my earliest memory of baseball. I still wonder sometimes how I wound up a fan of the Dodgers and not the Pirates.

David Wright has a potty mouth. He also made a brilliant choice in having Paul Lo Duca (a catcher) pitch to him. Paulie lobbed in pitches like he was throwing it underhanded, and Wright just crushed 'em.

All you need to know about international soccer is that the best player in the world managed to get himself ejected from the World Cup championship game for head butting an opponent. His team went on to lose, in part because he wasn't there to take a penalty shot (what a stupid way to run a railroad). Afterwards, he was voted MVP. Imbécile.