July 19th, 2006



Yesterday was another scorcher, but I decided to go for a bike ride after work anyway. I discovered I had absolutely zero energy, but I still managed to get in fourteen miles, albeit sluggishly. My foot is still sore (and now the other foot seems intent upon joining it), but I'm mostly walking without a limp.

Later on we were treated to a series of intense thunderstorms, full of sound, fury, and hail. The nastiest rolled through the neighborhood right at the climactic moment of the pilot episode of Eureka, so there were all sorts of added special weather effects to what was happening on screen. Very cool. Although it probably didn't seem that way up to the folks up at the Port of Providence, where the storm set off a fire at a fuel transfer facility.

As to Eureka, I liked it quite a bit. Collapse )

I also watched the first ep of Dead Like Me, which Sci-Fi is going to rerun. It was interesting. Even if I hadn't already known that Bryan Fuller created it, I would've noticed the similarity to Wonderfalls. My problem is that, apart from Mandy Patinkin and Cynthia Stevenson, both bit parts, I don't really like most of the actors involved, especially the guy with the accent. I may watch some more, but I doubt it'll grab me like Wonderfalls did.