August 8th, 2006


You Gotta have Heart...

Distractions of the baseball Sort...

Fausto Carmona of the Indians had a very bad week, becoming only the second pitcher in major league history to lose four games in relief in only seven days. He not only lost them, he lost them spectacularly.

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Ken Arneson found a bunch of unmarked baseball photographs in a second-hand store, and has been posting them as challenges to see if they can be identified. For the first two he posted folks have not only been able to identify the players and ballparks, but even the game and the particular play in the game from the clues in the images. It's fascinating stuff. Photo #1 was particularly impressive to me, because it hinged on uniform color, and the shape of a corner in the outfield grass.

Photo #1 - Photo #2

Speaking of Arneson, he hasn't been able to post as often as he'd like over at Catfish Stew, so he's taken on an apprentice, Philip Michaels. Michaels's first post is very funny, taking Nick Swisher to task for forgetting a very old rule. There's even a little piece of Sondheim filk in the comments.

Finally, there's a clear, concise explanatory piece on baseball's sometimes arcane waiver rules over at McSweeneys.