August 13th, 2006


Dodgers 1, Giants 0, 10 Innings...

Russell Martin!!!!!

And dayum! Greg Maddux was terrific. As was Jason Schmidt, but I mean, really... Eight innings, only two hits, and 22 batters in a row retired on a measly 68 pitches? 68 pitches doesn't even get Chad Billingsley out of the third inning.

The Dodgers came out of the All-Star break losing 13 of 14, falling into last place. Since then they've won 15 of 16, and are back in first. There is always an ebb and flow to the baseball season, but the Dodger season has ebbed and flowed like the great Typhoon of '44. The losing streak was an awful thing, but it's helping keep the current streak in perspective. Still, I like their chances at this point.


In every summer in this part of the world there is always this one stretch of truly glorious days, days with bright sun yet moderate temperatures, little humidity, a nice breeze, and cool, comfortable nights. It always seems as though those stretches come during the work week when one can't really enjoy them as much as one would like, but this year it hit smack dab on the weekend. Friday was gorgeous, as was Saturday, and today. Tomorrow will be a little warmer with some rain later.

To celebrate this good fortune, I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, painted some trim I'll need for when I replace the porch lights, and did a little laundry. Oh, and I rode my bike. Saturday I went out at mid-morning and did 16 miles on the bike path. Turned out I wasn't the only one with this idea, and there was a plethora of speed bumps. Lots of strollers, both the baby buggy kind and the elderly couple kind, and it was worse than usual, because most were staring at the sky, gawking at the paratroopers.

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Plus, the Dodgers swept the Giants, so all in all, a good weekend.