August 17th, 2006


Vinyl Siding Salesmen on a Plane...

We really have had a nice string of weather lately, and today it was lovely again. I rode this evening, then had grilled tri-tip for dinner. Very tasty.

Meanwhile, my neck is bothering me quite a bit, and I'm not sure what I did to set it off. It started sometime this afternoon when I was at work, which was basically an afternoon spent hanging out on the interbunny, and it's both painful and annoying. I will take some ibuprofen an go to bed early I think. (eta: Or as soon as I post this.)

Amongst other things, I was involved in a very silly discussion at DT that I would COMM, if only they had a COMM thread. Since there isn't one over there, I will record it for posterity here.

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The other annoying thing is that my cable connection keeps drifting in and out all evening, both TV and modem. Bother. I wonder if some crazy drunk girls broke in and messed with the splitter. Pity they didn't hang around.

Ooh, the modem's back...