September 17th, 2006



Vacation, such as it was, is done. Back to my usual drab, wretched existence tomorrow. Not that this week was particularly exciting. I did take a trip down to NYC last Saturday to watch the Dodgers lose to the Mets, and got to see Tom Scola and msbelle in the process. That was fun, except for the Dodgers losing. However, the rest of the week mostly involved me doing my best turnip impression. Oh, there was some cleaning done, but mostly I either sat in front of the computer playing Sims 2, or watched TV. (Actually, I did learn to use an assortment of 3D modeling tools on the computer, so educational, at least.) I used to do more, and I'm pretty sure it was more fun, too. The fall was when I'd take a week off and hit a couple-three golf courses. It occurs to me that I haven't even picked up a club in more than four years. I did get out once on my bike, but that was all the energy I could muster.

I did start (and complete) one home improvement project. Collapse )