October 6th, 2006

Books 03

Two Books and One Ugly Play...

Reread Trader to the Stars, Poul Anderson's first collection of stories about Nicholas van Rijn. Three novelettes, three xenological mysteries to be solved to the future profit of Solar Spice and Liquors. About as good as I remembered, so it was worth the read.

The Final Solution is a very short novel by Michael Chabon about a very old man and how he solves the very curious case of the boy and his parrot. Collapse )

I was listening to Wednesday's Dodgers-Mets game via MLB audio, and immediately following "the Play," Vin Scully told a great old joke about the Daffy Dodgers of the late twenties. One Brooklynite sees another peering through a hole in the fence at Ebbets Field, and asks him how the game is going. The second man replies, "The Dodgers have three men on." The first man then immediately asks, "Oh yeah, which base?"