November 1st, 2006


All Hallows...

Had thirty kids come to the door last night, up from last year, but still down form the peak a couple of years ago. It seemed like less, because most came in clumps. Only one clump of older kids, the last group to ring the bell. I was surprised there weren't more. The weather was about as perfect as it can get in this part of the country for Halloween, clear skies and temperatures in the low sixties. Lotsa pirates roaming about.

The next door neighbors were the first to show, as usual. S and her mom were witches, while R was something electronic. I chatted a bit with mom, who reported that DH and S saw a coyote traipsing through their yard the day before. Huh. I've seen a couple of coyotes over the years, once over on the turf fields, but never in this neighborhood. Maybe that's why I've been seeing fewer bunnies in my back yard than in the past.

Today is All Saints Day, and when I was a kid going to parochial school, we always got the day off. Not only that, but it's also my mother's birthday, so we would spend the day gorging on candy (full size bars back in the good old days), and then had birthday cake for dessert. Goods times. I have made one attempt already at sending mom an e-card. IIRC, I had problems last year, too. What made it worse then was that I'd paid for a years subscription to Blue Mountain, and was able to send only one card successfully (out of the three I tried). Never again. From now on I'm going with free cards.

The dehumidifier and fan have done their jobs, and the basement is relatively dry again. I discovered one more set of leaks. The back wall of my bathroom juts a couple of feet out of the back of the house in a little cantilever section to accommodate the shower/tub. Apparently the roof of that little section leaks, because there are a couple of medium sized water spots on the ceiling over the tub. Sigh.

And if you're still in the mood for some belated Halloween viewing, there's this hilarious spoof of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.